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camping stove

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  • This outdoor butane gas stove is made from water-resistant materials. portable design, ideal equipment for camping or other outdoor activities.
  • Easy burner control using built in flame adjuster, can accurately adjust the small fire.
  • An easily operated stove with fold-out pot supports, folded up only small size, enable it to pack away into its own storage container.
  • Simple Folding and Easy to Carry :- The foldable feature makes the original mini furnace body save up to 50% of space

User Manual

Before Assembly

1 .Check to make sure the Flame Adjuster is turned OFF

2.Check the Stove Seal O- Ring to be sure it is in place and in good condition.

3.Keep the gas cartridge upright when fitting it to the appliance.Carefully screw the gas cartridge into the appliance, taking care not to screw the gas cartridge cross -threaded. Screw the gas cartridge hand tight only Do not over tighten or you may damage gas cartridge valve.

4.Check that the a"iance is connected t he gas cartidge in a gas tight fashion , showing no signs of leakage.

Operating The Stov

1 .Befcre lighting the appliance burner, place the appliance down on a firm level surface and ensure that the pan supports are fully opened out in the Cooking position.

2.0pen the Flame Adjuster 4 turn.

3.press the ignite equipment till emit 'PA' sound. If can't ingite please Press for any times till ignition.

4. Turn the Flame Adjuster to the required flame setting.Proper flame will appear Blue and orange which will smoothly and just from low to high.

5.After using, turn the Flame Adjuster OFF. Wait for the stove to cool before Disassembling.

Disassembling The Stove

1 .Make sure the Flame Adjuster is turned,OFF and stove has cooled, fold Flame adjuster.

2.Turn the Stove counterclockwise until it releases from the canister. some gas may escape while unscrewing the cynister

3.Close the pot supports .

Information forsafety

Use only in a well ventilated area

1 ALLWS check the connection between the stove and the canister and ensure it is correctly assemled before operating the stove.

2.00 NOT light or use indoors, in tent, vehicle or other enclosed areas. Fire or carbon monoxide poisoning could cause injury or death .

3.00 NOT obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air.

4.ALWAYS check for leaks before lighting the stove. If you smell gas, hear hissing, or leaks are found, DO NOT USE THE STOVE.

5.NEVER put your head or body above the stove when lighting or burning.Keep clothing and other materials that may catch fire away from the stove .Clearance to Combustibles:Top 4ft/1 2m, Side IflJ0.3m.

6.NEvER disconnect the stove from the canister when the stove is litting. warm from recent use or near any flame or heat source. If you accidentally leave the flame adjuster open,ventilate the area before lighting the stove.

7 DO NOT place heavy or large capacity cookware on the stove . Maximum weight

5kg , Maximum pot diameter 26cm.Use on a horizontal surface.

8.NEVER leave a burning or hot stove unattended.

9.NEVERallow children to use stoves. ALWAYS SUPERVISE CHILDREN IN THE


10.DO NOT use the stove in any other way than is described in these instructions.

DO NOT alter the stove or use non fire - maple parts. DO NOT disassemble beyond what is described in these insructions . Before taking the stove on a trip, check for fuel leaks,practice using and maintaining it.

Brand Name : SKADIOO
Type of Product : Portable Gas Stove
Color : Red and Silver
Material : Metal
Weight : 380 g
Power Source : Gas Powered
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