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Deposit Refund Process

Effortless and rapid, all completed online for your convenience!

"At CampRentals, we request a small security deposit as a responsible measure, which is

fully refundable upon the safe return of our product(s). Once we receive the products, the

refund process is initiated within 2-3 days.

You'll receive a payout link via SMS/WhatsApp for the refund. Simply update your bank

details there to receive the refunded amount directly into your bank account."

We observe minimal damages or lost items, resulting in over 98% of orders receiving a

complete refund.

How it Works

● Collection:

As per the scheduled collection date, we'll organize the retrieval of your order. Depending on

your location, it may take between 3 hours to 5 days for the product(s) to return to our


● Quality Assessment:

Upon receiving the items, a swift quality assessment is conducted, generating a

comprehensive report. In case of any damage or missing items, you'll receive prompt


● Payout Link Generation:

The refund is processed through a payout link, allowing you to update your bank details.

You'll receive the refunded amount in your account within 2 hours.

Damage Deduction:

In case of product damage or loss leading to a financial shortfall, CampRentals reserves the

right to deduct the deposit from the total order cost. Should the deposit amount be

insufficient, CampRentals will issue an invoice for the remaining damage expenses.

Rental Timeline:

The refund processing time may vary, taking up to 7 days based on your location. Please

consult the table below for an estimate of the refund schedule with CampRentals.